The pools of Las Vegas will keep you cool in the desert sun

From the 11 acre beach environment at Mandalay Bay to smaller local favorites, Vegas has a pool for everybody. Whether you’re looking to romp in a lavish lagoon, relax in a lazy river or catch some rays, or glimpse the beautiful people, you’ll find a pool here to suit your every need. Hotel pools are open only to guests of the resort unless you are attending a special event or pool party, so make sure you do a little research beforehand.

What would a Vegas afternoon be without its shimmering azure pools? It’s part of the Vegas mystique; a classic venue for seeing, being seen and a pre night out siesta. There’s, of course, a famously thriving poolside party scene, with Rehab at the Hard Rock, Ditch Fridays at the Palms, and much more. After all, no one said you have to relax just because you’re at the pool.

Las Vegas has been called the new Ibiza, though in typical Vegas fashion, hotel casinos have taken the daytime electronic dance music scene and amplified it—with 32,000-watt subwoofers and custom lasers, international resident DJs, and cabanas with private infinity pools and beds for sleeping off the revelry. Add in beaches, swim-up gambling, and models as waiters, and it’s safe to say that Las Vegas pools have never been cooler.

With 40 million visitors hitting the Strip in 2013, many with a seemingly insatiable appetite for daytime drinking and dancing, it’s no wonder hotels are devoting pool real estate to pay-to-play mega venues. Relative newcomers like Daylight in Mandalay Bay and the expanded Wet Republic at MGM Grand can host up to 5,000 partiers.

To be fair, the day club pool concept isn’t brand-new in Las Vegas. Rehab, the legendary weekend bash at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, started the trend with its raucous parties back in 2003. What began as an excuse to extend the weekend became a rite of passage and the biggest meat market on or off the Strip. Meanwhile, DJs like Paul Oakenfold, who was in residence at the Palms, helped pave the way for electronic dance music fever.

There are also swimming pools where kids are welcome, as well as some oases that are free or blissfully serene, such as the private Cypress Premier Lounges at the Bellagio. And here’s a little known secret: you can gain entry to one of the Strip’s most rarefied pool areas by renting a cabana, and for a comparatively low rate.

No matter what kind of poolside environment you’re looking for, Las Vegas has got you covered. Create your own personal desert oasis and let the gentle waves rock you to bliss.

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